Mall escalator becomes problem for Indian villagers

A Shopping mall escalator becomes a huge problem for Indian villagers coming to city for first time in life. It was an enjoyable scene to watch husband and wife climbing up on an escalator. It took a mare effort for husband and wife coming from an Indian village to go up on the escalator.

Such enjoyable scenes with Indian villagers can be observed often in the cities. Villagers coming out of Indian village for the first time in life have to face a lot of problems and challenging conditions. Village life in India has left far behind from modern cities and urban life. Villagers do not have awareness about the modern luxuries of life.

Modern luxuries of life have stormed in to the urban life in India. However, Indian villagers do not know much about spending life easily and taking benefits from modern gadgets of technology. Several basic gadgets of technology have still not reached in the Indian village life.

Indian village is very simple and natural in the absence of several things present in the urban cities. Despite several difficulties, Indian villagers are far away from several bad things as well. Crimes and bad things happening in the urban life still have not reached to the village life. Villagers live with more security and peace than cities.

Indian village life considered to be more secure and quite than several modern and well-guarded modern cities. Indian villagers never required to feel need of security guards in life to secure life or valuables in homes.

Mall Escalator

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